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About Us

When a Cusquenian met a Parisian

Four decades ago, Carlos Anaya departed from Peru course for France, was the early 70’s, art and music were crucial in the future of every young man and he came to Paris with a suitcase full of hopes and dreams. Claudine Chastang met Carlos in the city of light and love – naughty accomplice of hearts – all united in living, work and adventure they wanted to start. They lived in Paris until 2009 and have two children, Elodie and Olivier. Since 2010 both were established in Cusco, the city of the sun, and have built this hotel with the intention to keep getting people with the same warmth and friendliness that have always welcomed their friends.

About our name

José María Arguedas (famous Peruvian author) said in his book Ríos Profundos (Deep Rivers): “Illa not name the fixed light, resplendent and superhuman sunlight. Called the lesser light: heat, lightning, lightning, all vibrant light. These species not fully divine light with which the old Peruvian man believed still have deep relationships between blood and meteoric matter.” By giving the name Illa our establishment, we wanted to preserve the essence of the Quechua culture, characteristic of the city of Cusco and convey the idea that we can be a nice and warm place for our guests during their stay in the Inca capital. Welcome! We hope to give you a pleasant experience rest and relaxation in our rooms.